Photography, Associate in Fine Arts Degree

Florissant Valley, Forest Park, Meramec and Wildwood

This program is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year art school, including the University of Missouri-St. Louis, to earn a bachelor of fine arts degree. Students develop skills in black and white and digital printing techniques, learn effective methods for gathering and using information from visual images, and study current approaches used in portrait, architectural and documentary photography. Persons interested in this program should possess a strong interest in perceiving and working in the visual world and a desire to produce results using current tools, as well as historical and non-traditional techniques.

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Program of Study

General Education
ENG 101College Composition I3
ENG 102College Composition II3
XXX xxxMissouri State Requirement3
XXX xxxSocial Science Elective3
Select one of the following:3-4
Intermediate Algebra (140 level or higher)
Science Elective
XXX xxxScience Elective3
ART 168History of Photography3
Select one of the following Art History electives:3
Art History I
Art History II
History of Modern Art
Visual Language
Physical Education Activity
Select 2 credit hours2
Program Requirements
ART 107Design I2
ART 108Design II2
ART 109Drawing I3
ART 110Drawing II3
or ART 111 Figure Drawing I
ART 165Photography I3
ART 166Photography II3
ART 204Photography III3
ART 172Digital Photography3
ART 265Artificial Light Photography3
ART 275Photo Imaging I: Photoshop3
Photography Electives
Select 6 credit hours of the following:6
Black and White Printing Lab
Alternative Photographic Processes
Color Photography II
Digital Photography II
Documentary Photography
Field Photography
Portrait Photography
Architectural Photography
Video Art I
Video Art II
Photo Imaging II: Photoshop
Special Topics in Photography
Digital Printing
Advanced Photography
Workplace Learning: Photography
Contemporary Concepts in Photography
Fashion Photography
Color Photography
Other Art Electives
Select 4-6 credit hours of the following:4-6
Drawing II
Drawing III
Advanced Drawing
Figure Drawing I
Figure Drawing II
Figure Drawing III
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Painting I
Printmaking I
Printmaking II
Sculpture I
Computer Art Studio
Design III
Design IV
Computer Painting and Drawing: Corel Painter
Web Design I
Mixed Media
Total Credit Hours64-67