Radiologic Technology, Associate in Applied Science

Forest Park

The Radiologic Technology program prepares students for entry-level positions as radiographers (X-ray technologists). Student must attend full-time and satisfy both the didactic and clinical components to successfully complete the program.

The program is accredited by the

Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT)
20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL, 60606-3182
Phone number: 312-704-5300

Students learn to use complex X-ray and image processing equipment designed to record images which aid radiologists in diagnosing various health problems.

Persons interested in this program should be comfortable working with and caring for people from diverse backgrounds. They should be able to meet the academic and physical demands of the program that require a commitment of time, effort and motivation.

Students are required to complete a health history, immunization record, physical exam, essential functions acknowledgment form and drug and criminal background check prior to the first day of class. Students not passing the criminal background check and/or drug screen may be prohibited from participating in clinical education. This will prevent the student from being able to complete all program requirements for graduation.

Completion of college level medical terminology course (HIT 101 Medical Terminology or equivalent) is highly recommended.

To graduate a grade of C or better is required for all math and science courses and all courses in the area of concentration.

Graduates are eligible to sit for the national certification examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). Employment is available in hospital radiology departments, clinics, imaging centers, outpatient surgery centers and physician offices.


The following must be completed prior to applying for admission into the Radiologic Technology program:

  • MTH 050 Mathematical Literacy
  • BIO 111 Introductory Biology I or two semesters of high school biology with labs.
  • Math and science cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Math and science courses must be completed within five calendar years of entering the program.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Interested in this program? Start the enrollment process by visiting the Apply to STLCC page.   

At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. evaluate images for appropriate positioning and image quality.
  2. demonstrate the ability to adapt to difficult and trauma exams.
  3. position the patient and imaging system to perform acceptable radiographic examinations and procedures.
  4. maintain a safe environment.
  5. provide quality patient care.
  6. demonstrate ethical and professional values.
  7. exhibit professional traits expected of radiologic technologists.
  8. demonstrate effective written communication.
  9. demonstrate effective oral communication.

Program of Study

General Education
ENG 101College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100)3
COM 101Oral Communication I (MOTR COMM 100)3
MTH 140Intermediate Algebra (or higher) 13
BIO 207Anatomy and Physiology I (MOTR LIFS 150LAP) 24
BIO 208Anatomy and Physiology II4
PSY 200General Psychology (MOTR PSYC 100)3
XXX xxxSocial & Behavioral Sciences: Civics Requirement3
Program Requirements
XRT 101Radiographic Procedures I4
XRT 102Radiographic Procedures II3
XRT 103Radiographic Procedures III3
XRT 104Principles of Radiographic Exposure I3
XRT 105Principles of Radiographic Exposure II3
XRT 107Radiologic Physics I2
XRT 108Radiologic Physics II2
XRT 111Clinical Education I2
XRT 112Clinical Education II2
XRT 116Clinical Education III3
XRT 121Radiographic Image Evaluation I2
XRT 122Radiographic Image Evaluation II2
XRT 207Radiologic Pathology2
XRT 208Advanced Imaging Modalities2
XRT 209Radiobiology2
XRT 211Radiologic Technology Review3
XRT 212Professional Development in Radiography2
XRT 213Clinical Education IV3
XRT 214Clinical Education V3
XRT 215Clinical Education VI2
Total Credit Hours73

Program Prerequisites (to be completed prior to applying to program)

BIO 111Introductory Biology I (MOTR BIOL 100L)4
MTH 030Elementary Algebra3
Total Credit Hours7

General Education (completion of these courses is encouraged prior to beginning program required courses)

New PlanGrids
First Year
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
BIO 207 Anatomy and Physiology I (MOTR LIFS 150LAP)4BIO 111 with grade of "C" or better; or one year of high school biology and chemistry (with labs) within previous five years of registration date; or permission of the department chairperson of Biology and Reading Proficiency.Must be completed with a minimum grade of C before enrolling in XRT 101
BIO 208 Anatomy and Physiology II4BIO 207 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.
MTH 140 Intermediate Algebra (or higher)3MTH 030 or MTH 040 or MTH 050 with a grade of "C" or better or satisfactory score on placement test and Reading Proficiency.Except MTH 161, MTH 165, MTH 166, or MTH 180
ENG 101 College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100)3ENG 030 or ENG 070 with a grade of "C" or better or recommendation of department and Reading Proficiency or concurrent enrollment in RDG 030.
COM 101 Oral Communication I (MOTR COMM 100)3Reading Proficiency or concurrent enrollment in RDG 030 or ENG 070.
PSY 200 General Psychology (MOTR PSYC 100)3Reading Proficiency.
Social & Behavioral Sciences: Civics Requirement3  
Credit Hours23
Total Credit Hours23
New PlanGrids
Second Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 101 Radiographic Procedures I4Current enrollment in the Radiologic Technology program and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 111 Clinical Education I2Current enrollment in Radiologic Technology program and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 104 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I3Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours9
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 102 Radiographic Procedures II3XRT 101 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 105 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II3XRT 104 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 107 Radiologic Physics I2XRT 104, XRT 111 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 112 Clinical Education II2XRT 111 and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours10
Summer Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 121 Radiographic Image Evaluation I2XRT 102, XRT 112 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 116 Clinical Education III3XRT 112 and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours5
Third Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 213 Clinical Education IV3XRT 116 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 103 Radiographic Procedures III3Current enrollment in the Radiologic Technology program, XRT 102 and XRT 116 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 108 Radiologic Physics II2XRT 105, XRT 107, XRT 116 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 122 Radiographic Image Evaluation II2XRT 121, XRT 116 and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours10
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 207 Radiologic Pathology2XRT 103, XRT 122, XRT 213 and Reading Proficiency.Apply for graduation
XRT 208 Advanced Imaging Modalities2XRT 105 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 209 Radiobiology2XRT 103, XRT 108, Reading Proficiency.
XRT 214 Clinical Education V3XRT 213 and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours9
Summer Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
XRT 211 Radiologic Technology Review3XRT 207, XRT 208, XRT 209, XRT 214 and Reading Proficiency.
XRT 212 Professional Development in Radiography2XRT 207, XRT 208, XRT 209, XRT 214, Reading Proficiency.
XRT 215 Clinical Education VI2XRT 214 and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours7
Total Credit Hours50

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**Students completing a course that has been assigned a MOTR number may transfer that course to any public institution in Missouri. Those who complete CORE 42 requirements will have that verification on their transcript.

*** It is your responsibility to verify that the courses listed above will transfer to the four-year institution of your choice.  Maximize your transfer credits/classes by meeting with an academic advisor.