Life Science Laboratory Assistant, Certificate of Specialization

Florissant Valley

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in life science research, development, and production. In addition, this short-term program, designed to be delivered in two semesters, acts as a bridge into the college’s AAS Biotechnology program and other STEM programs. The certificate includes contextualized and integrated courses in life science and biotechnology delivered in a Learning Community setting. A Learning Community consists of a group of students in the program, instructors, and tutors that work together toward successful completion of the program by students.

Admission to the program is contingent upon meeting the established minimum criteria of placement scores. Students will be expected to take part in additional classroom enrichment and engagement activities, such as industry tours, as part of the program.

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BIO 100Introduction to Life Science Laboratory Skills3
BIO 104Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology3
BIO 111Introductory Biology I4
MTH 140Intermediate Algebra3
COM 101Oral Communication I3
Total Credit Hours16
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
BIO 111 Introductory Biology I (MOTR BIOL 100L) 4
MTH 140 Intermediate Algebra 3
COM 101 Oral Communication I (MOTR COMM 100) 3
 Credit Hours10
BIO 100 Introduction to Life Science Laboratory Skills 3
BIO 104 Basic Laboratory Methods for Biotechnology 3
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours16