Graphic Communications, Associate in Applied Science

Florissant Valley, Forest Park and Meramec

Students gain graphic design fundamentals using basic graphic design materials to learn such skills as lettering, drawing for graphics layout, advertising design, illustration and computer graphics.

Graduates of the graphics communications program will have the creative and conceptual skills necessary to, and be ready for, entry-level employment and beyond in a variety of visual communication settings. Skill areas are applicable to graphic designers, illustrators, computer artists, layout artists, animators, display artists, cartoonists, package designers, production artists and artists working in digital forms of visual communication.

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Program of Study

Career General Education
ENG 101College Composition I3
ENG 102College Composition II3
or COM 101 Oral Communication I
or COM 107 Public Speaking
AT 242History of Graphic Communications3
XXX xxxMissouri State Requirement3
XXX xxxScience/Mathematics Requirement6
Physical Education Activity
Select 2 credit hours2
Program Requirements
ART 109Drawing I3
ART 107Design I2
ART 108Design II2
AT 106Motion Media Design3
ART 111Figure Drawing I3
ART 131Computer Art Studio3
ART 133Graphic Design I3
ART 134Graphic Design II3
ART 135Graphic Production2
ART 138Drawing for Graphics2
ART 236Typography2
ART 245Portfolio Design and Professional Practices2
Focus Area
Select one focus area from the following: 14-15
Graphic and Interactive Design
Illustration and animation design
Total Credit Hours64-65

Focus Areas

Graphic and Interactive Design

ART 233Graphic Design III3
ART 234Graphic Design IV3
AT 135Web Design I3
AT 143Web Design II3
Approved Electives (see list)3
Total Credit Hours15

Illustration and Animation Design

ART 112Figure Drawing II3
AT 233Storyboarding/Animatics2
or Approved Elective (see list)
ART 239Illustration I3
AT 234Fundamentals of Animation3
ART 240Illustration II3
or AT 235 Animation Techniques: Digital 2D
or Approved Elective (see list)
Total Credit Hours14

Approved Electives

AT 108Computer Painting and Drawing: Corel Painter3
AT 120Computer Drawing I: Illustrator3
AT 135Web Design I3
AT 143Web Design II3
AT 1463D Modeling I: Surface Modeling3
AT 175Video Art I3
AT 204Comic Book Illustration I3
AT 205Dimensional Illustration I3
AT 2063D Miniature Studio Set Design3
AT 207Digital Illustration3
AT 208Fantasy Illustration I3
AT 233Storyboarding/Animatics2
AT 234Fundamentals of Animation3
AT 235Animation Techniques: Digital 2D3
AT 246Advanced Computer Art Applications3
AT 276Photo Imaging II: Photoshop3
AT 282Workplace Learning: Graphic Communications1-3
AT 195Special Topics in Graphic Design1-3
AT 284Special Topics in Illustration1-3
AT 238Special Topics in Animation1-3
ART 110Drawing II3
ART 112Figure Drawing II3
ART 114Painting I3
ART 125Interactive Design I3
ART 165Photography I3
ART 172Digital Photography3
ART 221Page Layout: Quark/InDesign3
ART 224Package Design2
ART 233Graphic Design III3
ART 234Graphic Design IV3
ART 239Illustration I3
ART 240Illustration II3
ART 249Digital Photography II3
ART 275Photo Imaging I: Photoshop3
ART 280Final Cut3