Behavioral Health Support, Associate in Applied Science

Florissant Valley and Wildwood

The Behavioral Health Support AAS provides a pathway for entry-level positions within the helping professions. This program includes hands-on practicum experiences in community settings and prepares students for support positions in mental health settings while assisting clients with behavioral and mental health diagnoses. Graduates of this program are qualified for entry-level positions in state, county and local human service agencies, substance use disorder facilities, community mental health centers, hospitals, schools and other identified agencies. 

Admission to this program is contingent on meeting the established guidelines, which include a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, letter of reference, criminal background check and personal interview.

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At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. collaborate in the development, revision and execution of an individualized treatment plan that identifies specific, measurable, time-limited goals and interventions.
  2. obtain certification in Mental Health First Aid.
  3. communicate with clients regarding internal and external resources for recovery.
  4. create documentation to support client and treatment plan.
  5. assist clients with various mental health needs within practical settings.
  6. analyze potential legal and ethical issues as they relate to targeted populations.
  7. synthesize foundational knowledge of risk factors, treatment options and recovery techniques to assist clients with a variety of mental illnesses.
  8. demonstrate an appropriate helping response for individuals in mental health crisis and/or with suicidal ideation.

Program of Study

General Education
ENG 101College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100)3
ENG 103Report Writing3
COM 201Interpersonal Communication3
MTH 108Elementary Applied Mathematics (or higher)3
PSY 200General Psychology (MOTR PSYC 100)3
PSC 101Introduction to American Politics (MOTR POSC 101) (or other designated Civics course)3
Area of Concentration
IS 116Computer Literacy3
PSY 205Human Growth and Development (MOTR PSYC 200)3
PSY 208Abnormal Psychology3
SOC 211Substance Use, Abuse and Dependence3
PRD 128Mental Health First Aid1
BHS 101Introduction to Behavioral Health Support3
BHS 102Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health Support3
BHS 103Systems of Care3
BHS 104Clinical Encounters I: Interviewing and Assessment3
BHS 105Integrated Health 3
BHS 201Clinical Encounters II: Crisis and Interventions3
BHS 203Evidence Based Treatment4
BHS 202Behavioral Health Support Practicum I4
BHS 204Behavioral Health Support Practicum II4
Total Credit Hours61
New PlanGrids
First Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
ENG 101 College Composition I (MOTR ENGL 100)3ENG 030 or ENG 070 with a grade of "C" or better or recommendation of department and Reading Proficiency or concurrent enrollment in RDG 030.
PSY 200 General Psychology (MOTR PSYC 100)3Reading Proficiency.
IS 116 Computer Literacy3Reading Proficiency.
BHS 101 Introduction to Behavioral Health Support3Admission to Behavioral Health Support program and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 102 Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health Support3Admission to the Behavioral Health Support program and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours15
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
SOC 211 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse3Reading Proficiency.
PSY 208 Abnormal Psychology3PSY 200 and Reading Proficiency.
ENG 103 Report Writing (MOTR ENGL 110)3ENG 100 or ENG 101 with minimum grades of "C" or department approval and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 103 Systems of Care3BHS 101 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 104 Clinical Encounters I: Interviewing and Assessment3BHS 101 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
PRD 128 Mental Health First Aid1Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours16
Second Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
PSY 205 Human Growth and Development (MOTR PSYC 200)3PSY 200 and Reading Proficiency.
COM 201 Interpersonal Communication (MOTR COMM 120)3Reading Proficiency.
BHS 105 Integrated Health3BHS 101 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 201 Clinical Encounters II: Crisis and Interventions3BHS 104 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 202 Behavioral Health Support Practicum I4BHS 101, BHS 102, BHS 103, BHS 104 with grades of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours16
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
BHS 203 Evidence Based Treatment4BHS 201 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
BHS 204 Behavioral Health Support Practicum II4BHS 202 with a grade of 'C' or better and Reading Proficiency.
MTH 108 Elementary Applied Mathematics3MTH 020 with a grade of "C" or better or satisfactory score on placement test and Reading Proficiency. All prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last 3 years.
PSC 101 Introduction to American Politics (MOTR POSC 101)3Reading Proficiency.Students may choose to take any other designated Civics course
Credit Hours14
Total Credit Hours61

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