Paramedic Technology: CP

Paramedic Technology: CP

Certificate of Proficiency | 40 credit hours minimum

Area of Interest: Health Professions

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Program Goal: To prepare Paramedics who are competent in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behavior) learning domains to enter the profession.

Program Description:

Paramedic Technology, Certificate of Proficiency prepares students for positions as emergency medical technicians-paramedics. Paramedics are skilled in patient assessment and recognition of diagnostic signs and symptoms of major injuries and illnesses. They learn to use ambulance, rescue vehicle, and hospital emergency room equipment to provide high-level emergency medical care and stabilize emergency patients. Paramedics also are trained to provide advanced life support to include fluid and drug therapy, as well as the performance of some essential emergency surgical techniques under the written or oral orders of licensed physicians.  

Students should have maturity in dealing with others. They should have good manual dexterity and physical coordination for carrying, lifting, extricating, climbing, hoisting, etc. In addition, they should be able to give as well as receive written and oral directions and instruction.  Good vision and visual color discrimination is necessary in the examination of patients for determining diagnostic signs requiring immediate treatment.

Students interested in this certificate will be taking the paramedic courses to obtain National Registry certification and graduates are eligible to sit for state and national licensing boards. Positions are available with ambulance services, fire departments, hospitals, emergency communications centers, and industrial medical and safety departments.

The St. Louis Community College Paramedic Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Professions (CoAEMSP).

To contact CAAHEP:

1361 Park St.
Clearwater, FL 33756
Telephone:  727-210-2350

To contact CoAEMSP:

8301 Lakeview Pkwy.
Suite 111-312
Rowlett, TX 75088
Telephone:  214-703-8445
Fax 214-703-8992

Location. This program is offered in its entirety at Forest Park. 

Related Program.  The Paramedic Technology Department offers an associate in the following area:

Paramedic Technology, Associate in Applied Science

Cost of Attendance.  For more information on cost of attendance visit MoSCORES

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At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. use Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment.
  2. provide age-appropriate care as it relates to emergency medicine.
  3. administer proper patient care.
  4. perform patient care assessments.
  5. plan the patient's treatment based upon the assessment.
  6. demonstrate competent entry level paramedic skills in laboratory and scenario settings.

Program of Study

Program Requirements
PAR 233EMS Foundations1
PAR 235Paramedic Skills I2
PAR 221Paramedic Clinical I3
PAR 236EMS Pathophysiology2
PAR 237Pulmonology3
PAR 238Cardiology5
PAR 239Trauma3
PAR 240EMS Operations2
PAR 222Paramedic Clinical II3
PAR 242Medical Care5
PAR 244Special Patients2
PAR 245Paramedic Skills II2
PAR 241EMS Seminar3
PAR 243Field Internship4
Total Credit Hours40

Full-Time Academic Plan

PLEASE NOTE:  If you originally enrolled at STLCC prior to Fall 2024, you may need to view an archived catalog for your correct program requirements.  Please speak with an advisor or the program coordinator for more information.

New PlanGrids
First Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
PAR 233 EMS Foundations1Admission to Paramedic Program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 235 Paramedic Skills I2Admission to the Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 236 EMS Pathophysiology2Admission to the Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 237 Pulmonology3Admission to the Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 242 Medical Care5Admission to Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 221 Paramedic Clinical I3Admission to the Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
Credit Hours16
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
PAR 222 Paramedic Clinical II3PAR 221 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency
PAR 238 Cardiology5PAR 235, PAR 236, PAR 237, and PAR 242 with minimum grades of "C", or by permission of the program director, and Reading Proficiency
PAR 239 Trauma3PAR 235, PAR 236, and PAR 242 with minimum grades of "C" and Reading Proficiency
PAR 240 EMS Operations2PAR 235, PAR 236, PAR 237, and PAR 242 with minimum grades of "C" or by permission of the program director and Reading Proficiency
PAR 244 Special Patients2Admission to Paramedic program and Reading Proficiency
PAR 245 Paramedic Skills II2PAR 235, PAR 236, PAR 237, and PAR 242 with minimum grades of "C", or by permission of the program director, and Reading Proficiency
Credit Hours17
Summer Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
PAR 241 EMS Seminar3PAR 233, PAR 238, PAR 239, PAR 240, PAR 222, PAR 245, and PAR 244 with minimum grades of "C", and Reading Proficiency
PAR 243 Field Internship4Admission to Paramedic program, PAR 233, PAR 235, PAR 236, PAR 237, PAR 238, PAR 239, PAR 240, PAR 242, PAR 244, PAR 221, PAR 222, and PAR 245 with minimum grades of "C", and Reading Proficiency
Credit Hours7
Total Credit Hours40

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