Database Developer, Certificate of Proficiency


The Database Developer Certificate of Proficiency is designed for individuals who are interested in developing skills to qualify for positions as Database Application Developers, Database Analysts, or Database Administrators. The certificate will empower the student with the tools, knowledge, and practical experience needed to design, develop, program, implement and administer a database. The program objectives align with current industry standards. Graduates will be qualified for the high demand positions of developer, analyst, administrator or programmer in the Oracle or Microsoft SQL server environment.

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IS 153C# Programming I4
or IS 187 Java Programming I
IS 225Database Management4
IS 229Unix/Linux I3
IS 240SQL and Database Development3
IS 241Systems Analysis and Design3
Select one of the following:3-4
IS 257Advanced Database Design3
IS 268SQL Server Programming3
or IS 276 Oracle Programming
Select 6-8 credit hours:6-8
Fundamentals of Information Assurance/Security
Oracle Design and Implementation
Advanced C++ Programming
C# Programming III
Java Programming III
C# Frameworks: .NET Web App Framework
Total Credit Hours32-35