Deaf Communication Studies: American Sign Language, Certificate of Specialization

Florissant Valley and Wildwood

The foundation of the curriculum is American Sign Language (ASL), which is the native, indigenous language of the North American Deaf community. We recognize the Deaf community as a linguistic and cultural minority that functions distinctly from American mainstream culture.

Students in this program will learn to converse in American Sign Language, accurately expressing their own thoughts and accurately comprehending the thoughts of other signers on everyday topics. 

These entry-level language courses are open to all members of the Deaf and non-Deaf communities.

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DCS 104American Sign Language I5
DCS 105American Sign Language II5
DCS 107Fingerspelling3
DCS 120Fingerspelling Lab1
DCS 111Theory of American Sign Language3
DCS 119Theory of American Sign Language Lab1
DCS 115Introduction to Deaf Communications Studies3
DCS 116American Sign Language Semantics3
Total Credit Hours24