Cisco Networking Academy: CCNA, Certificate of Specialization

Forest Park

This program teaches comprehensive networking concepts, from network applications to the protocols and services provided to those applications by the lower layers of the network. Students will progress from basic networking to more complex enterprise and theoretical networking models later in the curriculum. In each course, students will learn technology concepts with the support of interactive media and apply and practice this knowledge through a series of hands-on and simulated activities that reinforce their learning. The courses serve as preparation to take the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT®) certification exam after completing the first two courses and the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) Routing and Switching certification exam after completing all four courses.

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At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. use current knowledge and skills based on industry standards to design network solutions.
  2. develop designed network solutions as a member of a team.
  3. demonstrate proficiency in the Cisco Networking Academy courses through successful performance on course final exams based on industry certification exam competencies.
IT 101Cisco Networking Academy I: Introduction to Networks5
IT 201Cisco Networking Academy II: Routing and Switching Essentials5
IT 202Cisco Networking Academy III: Scaling Networks5
IT 203Cisco Networking Academy IV: Connecting Networks5
Total Credit Hours20
New PlanGrids
First Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
IT 101 Cisco Networking Academy I: Introduction to Networks5Reading Proficiency.Basic computer literacy expected / Offered Fall, Spring, Summer - 1st 8 weeks
IT 201 Cisco Networking Academy II: Routing and Switching Essentials5IT 101 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.Offered Fall and Spring - 2nd 8 weeks
Credit Hours10
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
IT 202 Cisco Networking Academy III: Scaling Networks5IT 201 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.Offered Fall and Spring - 1st 8 weeks
IT 203 Cisco Networking Academy IV: Connecting Networks5IT 202 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.Offered Fall and Spring - 2nd 8 weeks
Credit Hours10
Total Credit Hours20

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