Board of Trustees

Eleftheria Fitzgerald, M.A., term expires 2020 • Subdistrict 4

Rodney Gee, M.A., term expires 2022  • District-wide

Doris Graham, Ph.D., term expires 2018 • Subdistrict 1

Hattie R. Jackson, M.A., term expires 2017 • Subdistrict 2

Craig H. Larson, Ed.D., term expires 2016 • Subdistrict 4

Joan McGivney, M.P.P., term expires 2019 • Subdistrict 3

Derek R. Novel, M.A., term expires 2016 • Subdistrict 1


Jeff L. Pittman, Ph.D., Chancellor


Corporate College

Administrators/Professional Staff

Tim Boul, PHR, Senior Project Associate I

Cassandra Brown, M.P.P.A., Senior Project Associate II, North Oaks

Kathie Chambers, M.Ed., Senior Project Associate II

Kelly Deloch, B.S., Manager, Business, Finance and Technical Support

Rene Dulle, M.B.A., Senior Project Associate II

Heather Ellison, M.E., Manager, Continuing Education Programs

Lesley English-Abram, B.S.W., Manager, Community Services

Becky Epps, B.A., Senior Project Associate II

Bonita Forker, B.S., Program Manager, SLATE

Karin Fowler, C.S., Senior Project Associate II, Met Center

Timothy J. Gallo, M.B.A., Marketing Manager, Continuing Education

Laurie Hawkins, M.A., Senior Project Associate I

Jocelyn Hill, B.S., Senior Project Associate I

Troy Kitchen, A.A.S., Manager, Auto Controls

Dianne Lee, M.T.M., Professor, Program Director, MoWINS Grants

Stephen Long, M.P.A., Associate Vice Chancellor for Workforce Solutions

Merri Powell, B.A., Executive Assistant, Associate Vice Chancellor for Workforce Solutions

Donald Robison, M.B.A., Manager, Training and Economic Development Services

Ibrahim Talundzic, B.A., Senior Project Associate I

Eric Whitehead, B.A., Senior Project Associate I

Richard Schumacher, B.S., Manager, Microcomputer Services Technology Initiatives

Cosand Center

Administrators/Professional Staff

Kristen Abotsi, M.A., Manager, DW IR Systems

Gina Benesh, M.A., Director of Grants

Carol Bennett, M.S., DW IR Collection Services

Regina Blackshear, M.B.A., Director, Districtwide Financial Aid and Scholarships

Tracy Carpenter Bond, B.S., Coordinator, Veterans’ Affairs

Ashley E. Budde, M.A., Coordinator of Alumni Relations and Annual Fund

Kelli Burns, M.A., Director, Institutional Research and Planning

Bobby Collins, M.S.Ed., District Manager, Loans and Scholarships

Khaneetah Cunningham, M.S., District Manager, Student Service Compliance and Reporting

Jo-Ann K. Digman, M.S.W., Executive Director, STLCC Foundation

Dennis Dill, M.B.A., LEED-AP BD&C, CEA, Senior Manager, Facilities

John Duarte, C.S., Supervisor, Central Facilities

Rebecca Emerson, M.A., Executive Director for School and Community Partnerships

Larre Figgs, B.S., Executive Assistant, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Albert Fillenwarth, M.B.A., Financial Analyst, Auxiliary Services

Stacey Foster, M.A., Manager, Online Student Services

Keith Fuller, J.D., Staff Attorney

Karla Gable, M.A., Director, Enrollment Services and College Registrar

Rebecca Garrison, B.A.S., Associate, Board Relations

Dan Gioia, B.S., Senior Application Solutions Analyst

Lauren Gosling, B.J., Director, Digital Services

Robin Grebing, M.B.A., Ed.D.,  Director, Online Education

Cindy Green, B.S., B.A., Assistant Controller, Controller’s Office

Khouloud Hawasli, B.A., Director, Enterprise Services and Operations

Yvonne Helberg, A.A.S., Administrative Associate to the Chancellor

Patricia Henderson, M.A., Manager, Talent Management

Jill Houghton, M.B.A., Coordinator, Budget

Shirley Hynes, B.S., Executive Assistant, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Lori Jahn, A.A., Executive Assistant, Information Technology

Joyce Johnson, Ph.D., Director, Curriculum and Assessment

Paulette Johnson, B.S., District Manager, Campus Based Aid and Grants

Chris Jones, M.S., Senior Instructional Designer

Toni Josato, B.S., M.A., M.A.T., Manager, Academic and Instructional Technology Support

Ken Kempf, M.B.A., B.E.D., Manager, Engineering and Design

Susan Kennedy, Supervisor, General Accounting, Controller’s Office

Brian Kirkley, M.A.,Supervisor, Grant Accounting, Controller’s Office

Karol Koch, A.A.S., Executive Assistant, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Andrew Langrehr, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Julie Lay, B.S., Director, Communications

Kerry Layton, B.S., Graphic Design Lead

Lisa Lee, M.B.A., Manager, Student Accounts

Michelle Luechtefeld, B.A., Director, Marketing

William Miller, M.S., Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Kim Mueller, B.S., Human Resources Specialist II

Patricia A. Meyer, M.S.Ed., Manager, Carl D. Perkins Grant, Career and Technical Education

Mary Nelson, J.D., General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer, Legal Services

Ann Noland, A.A., Bursar, Controller’s Office

Sheila Ouellette, M.L.S., Director, Instructional Resources

John Pahl, M.B.A., Manager, Total Compensation, Human Resources

Lita M. Pener, M.A., Director, Professional Development & Quality

Mike Petz, A.A.S.,Manager, Telecommunications

Ron Portman, B.A., Supervisor, Payroll, Controller’s Office

Mark Potratz, Ph.D., Director, Public Safety & Emergency Management

Virginia Schorle, M.I.M., Director, Technical Planning and Management

John Snider, B.S., Environmental Health/Safety Specialist

Christopher Sulincevski, B.S., Coordinator, International Education

Robert Thumith, M.B.A., Director, Labor and Employee Relations

Jay Van Reed, B.S.F., Associate Director, Information Technical Infrastructure

Lisa Ward, B.A., Enterprise Business Application System Leader

Lisa Wilson, B.S., Executive Associate, Foundation

Paul Zinck, M.B.A., Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration


Florissant Valley

Marketing and Communications

Kedra S. Tolson, B.S., Coordinator, Campus Marketing and Communications

Academic Affairs

John Furlong, M.L.S., Senior Manager, Library and Instructional Resources

Dobbie Herrion, M.S.A., Manager, Academic Support Center

Jean Pollard, M.S., Manager, Center for Workforce Innovation

Amy Sonderman, B.A., Coordinator, Emerson Center for Engineering and Manufacturing

Business Services

Doug Mahoney, B.S., Manager, 

John Ferlisi, A.A.S., Manager, Facililties

Campus Auxiliary Services

Julie T. Stillman, B.A., Interim Manager, Auxiliary Services

Campus Police

Richard Banahan, Campus Police Chief

Center for Plant and Life Sciences

Richard Norris, Ph.D., Director

Elizabeth Boedeker, M.S., Senior Research Scientist/CRO Coordinator

Angi Taylor, M.A., Education Outreach Specialist

Jennifer Sowash, M.S., Business Specialist

Gateway to College

James Gillespie, M.S., Interim Director

Information Technology

Katie Dodwell, Senior Manager


Jeffrey Forrest, M.B.A., Acting Academic Dean, Business and Human Development

Janice Nesser-Chu, M.A, Acting Academic Dean, Liberal Arts

Stephen White, Ph.D., Academic Dean, Math, Science, Engineering & Technology

Marie McCool, M.F.A., Theatre Manager

Student Affairs

Academic Advising and Assessment

Patricia Barnes, M.Ed., Manager

Janice Claverie, M.A., Academic Advisor

Ivory Hill, M.A., Academic Advisor

Amy McMurray, B.A., Assessment Specialist

Robert Miller, B.S., Academic Advisor

Carol Morgan, A.A.S., Academic Advisor

William Overhauser, B.S., Academic Advisor

Laura Thomas, M.A., Academic Advisor

Susan Watkins, M.Ed., Academic Advisor

Kathy B. Williams, M.Ed., Manager, Academic Advising

Access Office disAbility Support Services

Amy Bird, M.Ed., Manager

Regina Driskill, A. A. A., Assistant Interpreter Coordinator

Amy Miller, M.S., Interpreter Coordinator

Mary Wagner, B.S., M.A., Specialist

African-American Male Initiative

Keith Ware, Interim Director

Campus Life

Gwen Nixon, M.Ed., Manager

Dwayne Morgan, M.S.A., Coordinator, Student Orientation and Transition

Career and Employment Services

Antoinette Boyd, B.A., Specialist

Victoria Harris, B.S., Specialist

Michela Walsh, B.M.E., Manager


Troy Hansen, M.A., L.P.C., Associate Professor

Jonathan Hunn, M.A., L.PC., Assistant Professor

Emily Lasek, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C., Professor

Danielle Lusk, B.A., Coordinator, SAP Office

Dawn Meyer, M.A., P.L.P.C., Instructor II

Ellen Nickrent, M.A., L.P.C., Assistant Professor

Pamela Wilson, M.Ed., Associate Professor

Enrollment Services

Gena Burroughs, M.S., Coordinator, Student Access and Achievement Services

Christopher M. Fletcher, M.Ed., Manager

Financial Aid

Alexandria Bratcher, M.B.A., Specialist

Outreach and School Relations

Janice Fitzgerald, M.A., Coordinator

TRiO Student Support Services

Rosita Lewis, M.B.A., Director

Melphina Amos, M.A., Advisor

Whitney Williams, B.S.W., Advisor



Julia Jenner, B.A., Assistant Professor

Robert Langnas, M.F.A., Professor

Janice Nesser-Chu, M.A., Assistant Professor

Michael Quintero, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Eric Shultis, M.F.A., Professor


Kimberly Barr, M.S., Instructor II

Neelima Bhavsar, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Julie Fickas, M.S., Assistant Professor

Edward Fliss, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Scott Gevaert, Ph.D., Instructor II

Jennifer Hill, M.S., Instructor II

Mark Manteuffel, Ph.D., Professor

Kevin Toal, M.S., Assistant Professor

Aundrea Warren, M.S., Assistant Professor

Business Administration/Accounting

Anthony Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Forrest, M.B.A., Instructor II

Kimberly Franklin, M.B.A., Assistant Professor

Elida Kraja, M.A.S., Assistant Professor

Lynn Selders, M.B.A., C.P.A., C.G.M.A., Instructor II


Donna Friedman, Ph.D., Professor

Suzanne Saum, Ph.D., Professor

Sam Tremont, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Communication Arts

Amy Brown-Marshall, M.A., Instructor II

Julie Copp, M.A., Assistant Professor

Christopher Stephens, M.F.A., Professor

Deaf Communications

Dan Betzler, M.A., Professor

John Eric Driskill, M.Ed., Assistant Professor

Thomas Flynn, M.A., Associate Professor

Lisa Gale-Betzler, B.A., Assistant Professor

Mass Communications

Steve Bai, M. A., Assistant Professor

Renee Thomas-Woods, M.A., Associate Professor


Paul Higdon, D.M.A., Professor

Theatre Arts

Dan Betzler, M.A., Professor

Engineering and Technology

Carl Fischer, B.S., Associate Professor

Terrence Freeman, Ph.D., Professor

Dale Gerstenecker, M.S., Associate Professor

Keith Hammon, Instructor I

David Kobe, B.S., Associate Professor

Thomas McGovern, M.S., Associate Professor

Tim Poelker, M.A., Assistant Professor

Amy Sherwin, M.S., Assistant Professor

Richard Unger, M.S., P.E., Professor


Mary Brennan M.A., M.Ed., Associate Professor

Tom Dieckmann, M.A., Assistant Professor

Ronald Ebest, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Sarah Fielding, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Thomas Flynn, M.A., Associate Professor

Drew Foster, M.A., M.A.T., Assistant Professor

Katherine Gordon, Ph.D., Professor

Carol Hake, M.A., Associate Professor

Timothy Layton, M.A., M.F.A., Associate Professor

James Mense, M.A. M.F.A.. Associate Professor

Patricia Miinch, M.A., Assistant Professor

Lonetta Oliver, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Regina Popper, M.A., M.F.A., Professor

James Sodon, M.A., Professor

Barbara Wachal, M.A., Associate Professor

Family and Consumer Science

Richard Cohen, M.A., Assistant Professor

Donda Miller, M.A.E., Associate Professor

Jeanne Florini, M.S., R.D., Professor

Irene Kalmer, M.S., Professor

Foreign Languages

Kelly Mueller, M.A., Associate Professor


Linda Collins, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Jennifer Medeiros, Ph.D., Professor

Human Services

Howard Rosenthal, Ed.D., LPC, Professor

Information Systems

David Doering, M.Ed., Assistant Professor

Stacy Hollins, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Phyllis Davis, B.S., Assistant Professor

Library Services

Sharon Fox, M.S., M.L.I.S., Professor

Joanne Galanis, M.L.S., M.L.A., Professor

Cathy Reilly, M.A., M.L.S., M.A., Professor


Diane Ascare, M.S., Instructor II

Joseph Bauer, M.A., Instructor II

Jason Boehm, M.S., Instructor II

Brian Bozek, M.S., Professor

Brandy Englert, M.S., Assistant Professor

April Garrison, M.A., Instructor II

John C. Hake, M.A., Instructor II

Christine Lewis, M.A., Associate Professor

Chris McDonald, M.S., Assistant Professor

Anne Marie Mosher, M.A., Professor

Rokhaya Ndao, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Sharon North, M.S., Professor

Rita Pernik, M.S., Assistant Professor

Anne Ross, M.A., Associate Professor

Douglas Runge, M.S., Instructor II

Patricia A. Suess, Ph.D., Professor


Maria Darris, R.N., M.S.N., Instructor II

Jeff McManemy, R.N., Ph.D., Professor

Margaret Oney, R.N., M.S.N., C.P.N.P., Professor

Nancy Pea, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Michelle Petterchak, R.N., M.S.N., C.P.N.P., Assistant Professor

Ellen Stillwell, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Donna Wallner, R.N., M.S., Professor/Nursing Program Coordinator

Philosophy and Humanities

Ana Coelho, M.A., Professor

Physical Education

Wayne Bryan, M.S., Instructor II

Cindy Campbell, M.S., Specialist, Educational Administration and Leadership, Professor


Charles Burkhardt, Ph.D., Professor

Dino Edmonds, M.A., Instructor II

Rihab Sawah, M.S., Associate Professor

Political Science

Michael Metrolaus, M.A., Assistant Professor


Steven Christiansen, M.S., Assistant Professor

Julie Graul, M.A., Associate Professor

Margaret Tyler, Ph.D., Professor


Carlos Blanco, Ph.D., Professor

Carolyn Fuller, M.A., Assistant Professor

Rachel Martin, M.A., Assistant Professor

Jason Meyer, M.Ed., Instructor II

Susan Serns, M.Ed., Associate Professor

Dennis White, M.A., Associate Professor

Sociology and Anthropology

Andrea Wagganer, M.A., Assistant Professor

LaRhonda Wilson, M.A., Associate Professor

Teacher Education

Mark Taylor, M.A., Professor


Forest Park

Administrators/Professional Staff

Business Services

Ena Primous, B.S., Manager, Business Services

Campus Auxiliary Services

Christy Hart, M.A., Manager

Campus Police

Richard Banahan, M.B.A., Campus Police Chief


Donte Harris, M.S., Manager, Facilities

Information Technology

Muhamed Hadziselimovic, M.A., Manager, End User Support Services

Marketing and Communications

Brittney Aladegbami, M.Ed., Coordinator, Campus Marketing and Communications

Academic Affairs

Academic Support Center

Cynthia Jenkins, M.A., Manager

African-American Male Initiative

Keith Ware, M.A., Director

Allied Health, Natural Sciences and Physical Education Division

Vincent Featherson, M.Ed., R.T., (R)(M), Dean

Business, Math and Technology Division

Angelic Cole, M.B.A., Interim Dean

Center for Teaching and Learning

Layla Goshey, M.F.A., Assistant Professor, Coordinator

Humanities and Social Science

Amanda Mead-Roach, Ed.D., Dean

Library and Instructional Resources

June S. Williams, M.L.S., Senior Manager, Library and Instructional Resources

Alyce Brownlee, M.B.A., Coordinator, Library Services

John K. Graham Jr., M.S., Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching and Learning

Randy Malta, M.S., Senior Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching and Learning

Jean Thomas, B.A., Coordinator, Library Services

Student Affairs

Franklyn Taylor, Ed.D., Vice President, Student Affairs

Academic Advising

Cassandra White, M.Ed., Manager, Academic Advising

Mary Cobb, M.S., Academic Advisor

Cheryll Edwards, B.A., Academic Advisor

Beverly Evans, B.A., Academic Advisor

Eloise W. Finney, M.S.W., Academic Advisor

E. Aurora Hill, M.A., Academic Advisor

Sarah Manfucci, M.S.L., Academic Advisor

LaTonya Shepherd, M.A., Academic Advisor

Anita Zieren, M.B.A., Academic Advisor

Access Office

Deborah S. Carter, M.A.T., Manager, Access Office, disAbility Support Services

Geoffrey Littleton, B.A., Educational Assistant III, Support Services, Access Office/disAbility Support Services

Telitha Rogers-Anderson, M.Ed., L.P.C., Specialist, Access Office, disAbility Support Services

Assessment Center

Linda Turner, M.A., Manager, Assessment Center

Campus Life

Donivan Foster, M.Ed., Manager, Campus Life

Career and Employment Services

Davis Moore, M.Ed., Manager, Career and Employment Services

Hester Owens, B.S., Specialist


Scott Queener, Ph.D., NCC, Associate Professor, Chair

Brenda F. French, Ed.D., LPC, NCC, Associate Professor

Bella Hafezi, M.Ed., Instructor II

Reginald Johnson, M.A., LPC, Associate Professor

Sandra Knight, M.Ed., Professor

Kathleen Swyers, M.Ed., LPC, CRC, Professor

Enrollment Services

Glenn Marshall, M.A., Manager, Enrollment Services

Yolanda, Bell, M.B.A., Project Associate

Glenda Doss, M.S., Coordinator

Outreach and School Relations

Vicki A. Hopkins, B.A., Recruiter II

Deborah Logan, B.A., Coordinator

Student Financial Aid

Donna Turner, A.A., Lead Financial Aid Counselor/Manager on Campus

TRiO/Upward Bound

Carolyn Jackson, M.A., Manager, Upward Bound and TRiO

Kim Walker, M.A., Project Director, Student Support Services

James Bratcher, Jr., MACM, Counselor/Project Associate II, Upward Bound

Kendall Ware, B.S., Counselor, Project Associate I, Upward Bound

Julie Howell, M.A., Academic Advisor/Transfer Specialist

William J. Harrison Education Center

Stacy M. Edwards, M.B.A., Manager and Community Outreach

Amber Howlett, M.A., Coordinator, Student Services

Mavis Stone, M.B.A., Student Assistance Program

Susan Imbeah, M.B.A., Student Support Specialist


African-American Studies

Dorian A. Brown, M.A., Associate Professor

Deborah Henry, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Louis Williams, Ph.D., Professor


Matt Isaacson, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Jamie Kreher, M.F.A., Associate Professor, Chair, Fine and Performing Arts

Yingxue Zuo, M.F.A., Professor

Automotive Technology

Rick Anthes, B.S., Associate Professor, Chair

Steven Goessling, A.A.S., A.S., B.S., Assistant Professor

Joseph Jackson, B.S., M.Ed., Assistant Professor

Josh Walker, B.S., Assistant Professor


Teresa Alvarez, M.S., Associate Professor, Chair, Science

Thomas Frison, M.A., M.S., Assistant Professor

William Huber, M.S., D.C., Professor

Michelle LaPorte, M.S., Instructor II

Angela NewMyer, M.S., Assistant Professor

Business Administration and Economics

Angelic Cole, M.B.A., Associate Professor, Chair

Jeffrey Jones, M.B.A., Professor

David A. Juriga, CPA, M.B.A., Professor

Nicholas Peppes, B.S., M.B.A., Professor

Aaron Reeves Jr., M.B.A., Professor


Venugopal Talkad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Joe Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Clinical Laboratory and Phlebotomy

Angela C. Njoku, M.S., M.T., (ASCP), Professor, Program Coordinator


Kara Boyd, M.A., M.B.A., Assistant Professor

Carla Moody, M.A., Instructor II

Sandra Osburn, Ed.D., Professor

Mariah Richardson, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Criminal Justice

William E. Tucker, M.A., J.D., Assistant Professor

Dental Assisting

Deborah Bush-Munson, M.S., CDA, Associate Professor/Program Coordinator

Marjorie Stoeker, B.S., CDA, Instructor II

Dental Hygiene

Kim K. Polk, M.Ed., R.D.H., Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator

Phyllis Ring, M.A., M.S., R.D.H., Associate Professor

Melany Thien, B.S., R.D.H., Instructor II

Deborah Trunk, M.A., R.D.H., Professor

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Beth Anderhub, M.Ed., R.D.M.S., F.D.M.S., Professor/Program Coordinator

James Wendling, M.Ed., R.D.C.S., Instructor II

Early Care and Education

Dahna Willis, M.S., Instructor II/Coordinator

Emergency Medical Services

Mark Christopher, M.B.A., EMT-P, Program Coordinator


Zita M. Casey, M.B.A., Instructor II

Jeremy K. Dennis, M.A., M.Ed., Professor/Chair, Humanities

Eve Fonseca, M.A.T., Associate Professor

Melody Gee, M.A., Instructor II

Layla Goushey, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Ronald Hughes, M.A., M.F.A., Associate Professor

Keith C. Hulsey, M.A., TESL, Associate Professor

Marita Jason, Ph.D., Professor, Coordinator, Honors Program

Karen Malouf-Ostlund, M.F.A., Professor

Michelle Parinello-Cason, Ph.D., Instructor II

Sharon Person, M.A., Professor

Angela Warfield, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Hilary Wilson, M.A., Instructor II

Wei Yan, M.A., Associate Professor/Assistant Chair, Humanities

Fire Protection

Mark Christopher, M.B.A., EMT-P, Program Coordinator

Foreign Language

Antonia Perez-Franco, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Funeral Service Education

Stephen W. Smith, M.S.Ed., Associate Professor,

David Coughran, M.A.T., Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator


Dorian A. Brown, M.A., Associate Professor

Deborah Henry, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Louis Williams, Ph.D., Professor

Hospitality Studies

Michael Downey, M.S.Ed., CCA, CCC, CCE, FMP, Professor

Clarke Griffin, B.S., Assistant Professor

Rob Hertel, M.B.A., CEC, CCE, AAC, FMP, CFE, Professor

Jeffrey P. Ivory, M.S.Ed., CHE, Professor

Craig Mueller, M.Ed., CTC, CTA, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator

Ellen Piazza, M.A.T., A.C.A, FMP, C.M.P, C.F.P.P, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Chair

Casey Shiller, B.S., CEPC, CCE, AAC Associate Professor, Program Coordinator


Mark Kruger, J.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Human Services

Angela Roffle, M.S.W., Assistant Professor, Chair

Information Systems and Health Information Technology

Gustav Adamecz, B.S., M.A., CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+), CCNA, CCNP, CCDP, CCAI, CCAIT (IT Essentials, CCNA), Professor

Abdelouahab Amor, M.A., M.S., CCNA-S, CCNP, CCDP, CCAI, Professor

Janet Ayres, J.D., RHIA, CHPS, Associate Professor

Craig Chott, B.S., CISSP, Associate Professor

Paul T. Daniel, B.S., B.A., Associate Professor

Terri Grote, B.S., CompTIA A+, MCDST, Assistant Professor

William Hocker, B.A., CompTIA (Network +, Storage +) CCNA, CCAI, CCSI, CCAN Voice, CCNP Voice, Instructor I

Brenda Kahan, A.A.S., B.S., M.A., M.S., Professor, Chair

Dianne Lee, M.T.M., Professor

Patricia Sherman, M.Ed., RHIA, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator

Library Services

Neil Das, M.L.I.S., Assistant Professor

Jeffrey Papier, M.L.S., Assistant Professor

Mass Communications

Sandra Osburn, Ed.D., Associate Professor/Chair, Communications and Mass Communications


Brian D. Carter, M.S., Instructor II

Deborah Char, M.A.T., Assistant Professor

Judy V. Clark, M.S., Instructor II

Evelyn Corich, M.A.T., Associate Professor

Seth Daugherty, M.S., Assistant Professor

Lynda K. Fish, M.S., M.B.A., Professor

Nita Graham, M.S., Associate Professor

Sandra Irons, M.A.T., Instructor II

Arabela Koric, M.A., Instructor II

Michael Lueke, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

James Munden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chair

Efrem Negash, M.Sc., Instructor II

Sharon Pemberton, M.A., Assistant Professor


Thomas A. Zirkle, D.M.A., Professor


Janis Aiello, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Gwen Breed, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Carolyn Godfrey, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Sandra Hall, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Patrick Mayfield, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Lisa Moreland, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Esther Otto, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator

Stephen Pitchford, R.N., M.S.N., Instructor II

Kathleen Rizzo, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

James Shockley, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Angela Skurat R.N., M.S.N., Instructor II

Cheryl Swallow, R.N., M.S.N., Professor


William Hartmann, M.A., Professor

Physical Education

Mark Applegate, M.S.Ed., NSCA-CSCS and C-PT, Assistant Professor

Susan Martin, Ed.D., A.T.C., LAT, Professor/Chair

Physical Science and Physics

Jonathan Morris, Ph.D., Professor

Political Science

Ssebunya (Edward) Kasule, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Psychology and Sociology

Donald Cusumano, Ph.D., Professor/Chair, Social and Behavioral Science

Gary Forde, M.A., Assistant Professor

Bruce Munson, M.A., Instructor II

Andrea Nichols, Ph.D., Professor

Jessica Hottle-Sippy, M.A., Associate Professor

Radiologic Technology

Dean Brake, M.Ed., R.T. (R), Associate Professor

Rebecca Northern, D.C., R.T., (R), Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator

Sally Polta, B.A., R.T. (R)(M), Associate Professor


Tracy Barron, M.A., Instructor II

Nicole Myers, M.Ed., Instructor II

Kathy Petroff, M.A., Associate Professor

Adrienne Smith, M.A., M.S., Instructor II

Respiratory Care

Joe Fackelman, B.A., Assistant Professor

Lindsay Fox, M.Ed., RRT-NPS, Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator

Oscar Schwartz, M.D., Medical Director

Surgical Technology

Stacey Boedeker, M.A.Ed., CST, Associate Professor

Diane Gerardot, M.A.Ed., CST, Professor, Program Coordinator

Teacher Education

Lori Orlando, Ed.D., Assistant Professor


Alex Saccavino, M.A., Manager



Administrators/Professional Staff

Marketing and Communications

Cathleen Casteel, B.S., Campus Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Academic Affairs

Janet Walsh, Ed.D.,R.N., Dean, Science, Math, and Health

Vernon Kays, Ed.D., Dean, Business and Communications

Yvonne Johnson, Ph.D., Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences

Julie Fickas, Ed.D., Interim Dean, Science, Math, and Health

Business Services

Vicki Kettenacker, B.A., Manager, Campus Business Services

Campus Auxiliary Services

Paula Savarino, B.A., Acting Manager, Campus Auxiliary Services

Campus Police

Anthony J. Russo, Campus Police Chief


Willie Wright, A.A., Manager, Facilities

Instructional Resources

Linda Hubble, M.S., Senior Instructional Designer

Patrick Mallory, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Campus Library and Instructional Resources

Darlene McGee, B.A., Associate Instructional Designer

Lisa Stepanovic, Ed.S., Senior Instructional Designer

South County Education & University Center

Julie Loyet, M.A., Manager

Kathleen Pritchard, M.A., Coordinator, Student Services

Tony Steele, M.S. Ed., Student Support Specialist

Marybeth Overby, M.S.Ed., Student Support Specialist

Student Affairs

Kimberly Fitzgerald, M.Ed., Vice President, Student Affairs

Access Office

Linda Nissenbaum, M.A.T., Manager, Access Office disAbility Support Services

Renee Dingman, M.S.V.R., Specialist, Services for Students with disAbilities

Theresa Smythe, M. Ed., Specialist, Services for Students with disAbilities

Joseph Bryant, Ed.D., J.D., Specialist, Services for Students with Disabilities


Julie Massey, M.A., Manager, Academic Advising

Dana Austin-Cooper, B.A., Academic Advisor

Mysha Clincy, M.B.A., Academic Advisor

Sebrina Colvin, M.A. Academic Advisor

Johna Grier, B.S., Academic Advisor

Elizabeth Higgins, B.S., Academic Advisor

Suzzie Huff, B.A., Academic Advisor

Jean Kennedy, B.A., Academic Advisor

Tracy Lampkins, M.S., Academic Advisor

Lynne Ludens, B.A., Academic Advisor

Lorri Milward, M.Ed., Academic Advisor

Christy Niles, M.Ed., Academic Advisor

Tracy Rankin, B.S., Academic Advisor

Assessment Center

Ray Eberle-Mayse, M.A., Manager, Assessment

Ruth Davenport, B.A., Assessment Specialist

Campus Life

Carolyn O’Laughlin, M.A., Manager, Campus Life

Phillip Campbell, M.S.Ed., Coordinator of Orientation and Transition

Career and Employment Services

Jacqueline Meaders-Booth, M.S., Manager, Career and Employment Services

Sherita Reinhardt, M.A., Career Specialist


Donna Zumwinkel, M.Ed., Professor

Rhonda Adams, M.Ed., Assistant Professor/Counselor, Counseling Chair

Jason Duchinsky, M.A., Assistant Professor/Counselor

Claire Martin, M.A., Senior Project Associate for Student Assistance Program

Harold Salmon, Ph.D., Professor/Counselor

Hope E. Steiner, M.Ed., Professor/Counselor

Enrollment Services

Mike Cundiff, D.Mgt., Manager, Enrollment Services

Bertha Moreland, M.S., Enrollment Center Coordinator

Financial Aid

Nicole Moore, M.B.A., Lead Counselor

Outreach and School Relations

Erika G. Malone, M.Ed., Interim Coordinator

Dedra Davis, B.S., Interim Recruiter I


Sanela Mesic, M.A., Project Director

Stephen Anderson, M.Ed., Advisor

Tiffany Segers, B.A., Advisor


Accounting/Legal Studies 

Markus Ahrens, M.B.A., C.P.A., Professor

Robyn Barrett, M.B.A., C.P.A., Associate Professor

Michael Hepner, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Jeff Hsu, M.B.A., Associate Professor

Amy Monson, M.S., C.P.A., Assistant Professor

Anne Wessely, M.B.A., C.P.A., Professor

Barbara Wiseheart, J.D., M.Ed., Assistant Professor

Biological Science/Horticulture

Jason Allen, M.S., Assistant Professor

Matthew Bast, M.S., Instructor II

Jeff Baumstark, M.S., Instructor II

Elizabeth Granier, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Robert Harms, Ph.D., Professor

Jody Martin de Camilo, Ph.D., Professor

Jerald Pence, B.S., Assistant Professor

Tom Peters, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Kelli Roberts, M.S., Assistant Professor

Business/Information Systems

Margaret Hvatum, M.S., Professor

Pam McElligott, M.B.A., Professor

June Mercer, M.B.A., M.S., Professor

Steven Schamber, J.D., M.S., Professor

Mark Tulley, M.B.A., Associate Professor


Jacqueline Barker, M.A., Professor

Roy Day, Ph.D., Professor

Dennis Dufer, M.A., Associate Professor

Christaan Eayrs, M.A., Associate Professor

Robert Hahn, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Susan Hunt-Bradford, M.A., Associate Professor

Douglas Hurst, J.D., Professor

Marco Romero, M.A., Professor

Amber Schmisseur, M.A., Assistant Professor

Christopher Smejkal, M.A., Associate Professor

Denise Sperruzza, M.A., Professor

Design, Visual and Performing Arts

Michael Burks, Ph.D., Manager, DATA

Joseph Chesla, M.F.A., Professor

Bradley Fratello, Ph.D., Professor

Gary Gackstatter, M.M.P., Assistant Professor

Charles Groth, B.F.A., Associate Professor

David Hanlon, M.F.A., Professor

Virginia Heisler, M.A., Assistant Professor

James Ibur, M.F.A., Professor

Margaret Keller, M.F.A., Professor

Erin LeClerc, M.A., Assistant Professor

Timothy Linder, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Michael Lorenz, M.ARCH., Associate Professor

David Montgomery, Ph.D., Professor

Betsy Morris, M.F.A., Professor

Gerald Myers, D.M.A., Associate Professor

Keith Oliver, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Michelle Rebollo, M.A., Associate Professor

Michael Swoboda, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Ken Wood, M.F.A., Assistant Professor


Shamim Ansari, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Elva Maxine Beach, M.F.A., Assistant Professor

Sandra Brady, M.A., Assistant Professor

Michael Burke, M.A., Associate Professor

Rebecca Burns, M.A., Associate Professor

Christine Carter, M.Ed., Professor

Victoria Cernich, M.A., Assistant Professor

Jean Dempsey, M.A., Instructor II

Pamela Garvey, M.F.A., Professor

Angela Hamilton, M.F.A., Associate Professor

Trevin Jones, M.A., Associate Professor

Timothy Little, M.A., Assistant Professor

Richard Long, Ed.D., Professor

Eric Meyer, M.A., Associate Professor

Lisa Mizes, M.Ed., Assistant Professor

Robert Oberst, M.S., Assistant Professor

Richard Peraud, M.A., Assistant Professor

Shannon Philpott, M.A., Assistant Professor

Shaun Reno, M.A., Associate Professor

Todd Rohman, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Juliet Scherer, M.S., Professor

Jeffrey Schneider, Ph.D., Professor

Francine Sigmund, M.A., Instructor II

David Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Michaela Thornton, M.F.A., Instructor II

Kelly Wavering, M.A., Associate Professor

Lisa Wilkinson, M.A., Associate Professor

Rebecca Winter, M.A., Assistant Professor


Kay Blalock, Ph.D., Professor

Jay Campbell, Ph.D., Professor

Aaron Champene, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Steve Collins, Ph.D., Professor

John Hughes, Ph.D., Professor

Robert Lee, Ph.D., Professor

John Messmer, Ph.D., Professor

Emily Neal, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Karl Dirk Voss, Ph.D., Professor

Donna Werner, Ph.D., Professor

Instructional Resources

Rebecca Helbling, M.L.S., M.A.T., Professor

Janice Hovis, M.A.L.S., M.A.T., Professor

Damaris Schmitt, M.A., L.I.S., M.A.I., Professor

Katy Smith, M.A.L.S., Associate Professor


Kelly Ballard, M.A., Professor

John Elliott, M.S., Professor

James Frost, M.S., Professor

Karen Gaines, M.S., Professor

Ronald Goetz, M.A., Associate Professor

Lisa Harden, M.S., Assistant Professor

Sarah Henry, M.A., Instructor II

Melissa Leech, M.A., Assistant Professor

Cora Marty-Farmer, M.A., Instructor II

Laurie McManus, Ph.D., Professor

Nancy Molik, M.A., Assistant Professor

Russell Murray, M.S., Professor

Lynne Nisbet, M.A., Instructor II

Rick Pescarino, M.S., Professor

Aletta Speegle, Ph.D., Professor

Connie Stocker, M.A., Assistant Professor

Julie Tucker, M.S., M.A., Assistant Professor

Nathan Wilson, M.A., Associate Professor


Faith Caster, R.N., M.S.N., Instructor II

Deborah Chanasue, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Sarah Clark, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Mary Kay Dorsey, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Stephanie Franks, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Cindy Hartwig, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Lacee Kaufmann, R.N., M.S.N., Assistant Professor

Debra Knickerbocker, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Lisa Kokotovich, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Joyce Rebore, R.N., M.S.N., Associate Professor

Cheryl Strahm, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Emily Yale, R.N., M.S.N., Professor

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Cynthia Ballentine, M.S., Assistant Professor

Physical Education

Michelle Ethridge, M.A.Ed., Assistant Professor

Anthony Dattoli, M.A., Instructor II

Ronald Mirikitani, M.S., Professor

Physical and Engineering Sciences

Carl Campbell, M.A., Instructor II

Nancy Collier, Ph.D., Professor

Joachim Dorsch, Ph.D., Professor

Tony Frost, M.S., Associate Professor

Michael Hauser, M.S., Professor

Reni Joseph, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kwan Lee, Ph.D., Professor

Craig Lincoln, Ph.D., Professor

Timothy Pedersen, Ph.D., Professor

Joseph Schneider, M.S., Instructor II

Vidyullata Waghulde, Ph.D., Professor

Physical Therapist Assistant

Christie Cohoon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Julie High, M.S., P.T., Professor

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Maryam Arabshahi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Terry Cooper, Ed.D., Ph.D., Professor

Ana Cruz, Ph.D., Professor

Cynthia Epperson, Ph.D., Professor

Darlaine Gardetto, Ph.D., Professor

Gail Heyne Hafer, Ph.D., Professor

Patty Keller, Ed.D., Professor

Lisa Martino-Taylor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Eric Nielsen, M.A., Assistant Professor

Sophia Pierroutsakos, Ph.D., Professor

Diane Pisacreta, M.A., Professor

Vicki Ritts, Ph.D., Professor

David Shields, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Amanda White, Ph.D., Associate Professor



Administrators/Professional Staff

Campus Auxiliary Services

Ellen Gough, B.A., Manager

Marketing and Communications

Gina Tarte, M. A., Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Physical Facilities

Samuel Guth, BSM, BSLGS, Manager

Academic Affairs

Student Affairs

Laura Davidson, M.Ed., Director

Campus Life

Stephanie Church Graham, M.F.A., Coordinator, Campus Life and College Transition


Jenna Mueller, M.A., LPC, NCC, Instructor II/Counselor

Financial Aid

Helen Nauman, M.A., Coordinator

Professional Development

Mary Roman, M.Ed., Senior Instructional Designer

School and Community Partnerships

Meredith Rauscher, M.Ed., Coordinator

Student Enrollment and Academic Advising

Barbara Mehranfar, B.G.S., Coordinator

Student Enrollment and disAbility Support Services

Krista Sucher, M.Ed., Coordinator


Arts and Humanities

Mark Weber, M.F.A., Professor

Gwendolyn Verhoff, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Business Administration and Accounting

Donna Babbitt, M.B.A., CPA, CMA, CFM, Professor

Dusty Sweet, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

English/Reading/Foreign Languages/ Interdisciplinary Studies/Communications/Mass Communications

Ellen McCloskey, M.A., Professor, Department Chair

Monica Swindle, M.A., Instructor II, Coordinator of English

Daniel Yezbick, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Kimberlyann Tsai Granger, Ed.D., Associate Professor

Teri Graville, M.A., Associate Professor, Department Chair

Christopher L. Mahan, M.A., Assistant Professor

Sciences/Social Sciences/Physical Education

Afzal Lodhi, Ph.D., Professor, Department Chair

Syed Chowdhury, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dorothy Welty, M.S., Associate Professor, Coordinator of Social Sciences

Kimberlee Vaughn, M.S., Assistant Professor

Teacher Education Program

David Shields, Ph.D., Professor, Coordinator of Teacher Education