Humanities (HUM)

HUM 101. Humanities: Pre-History to 1600. 4 Credit Hours.

This course explores the development of Western culture from its beginnings to the early modern period. Its focus is on the basic attitudes, feelings and ideas expressed in art music, literature, philosophy, and religion. A major objective of the course is to help students to understand and appreciate some of the iconic literature, art and music of Western culture.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 102. Humanities: 1600 to the Present. 4 Credit Hours.

This course explores the development of Western culture from the Early Modern Era (circa 1600) to the present. The focus of the course is the attitudes, emotions and ideas manifested in or expressed by the art, architecture, music, philosophy, literature and religion as they develop from the 17th century to the present. The course will trace the development of classical and popular music, art, literature and philosophy, and especially the growing impact of science on the arts, music and ideas of the last 150 years. Throughout the course, special attention is given to the social and historical context in which the art, music and ideas were/are created.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 106. Black Humanities. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is an examination of the development of ideas expressed in art, music, literature, philosophy, education, psychology, sociology, and religion of the African Diaspora, Several academic areas will be explored from an Afrocentric perspective to stimulate an interest and kindle a passion for further study. Cultural styles of the African diaspora are explored in the local, global, and intercultural contexts.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 109. Arts and Ideas in the Ancient World (MOTR WCIV 101). 3 Credit Hours.

Arts and Ideas in the Ancient World uses the visual arts and literature to trace the development of belief systems from the earliest expressions found in prehistoric remains through the rise of the great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency or concurrent enrollment in RDG 079.

HUM 110. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance (MOTR WCIV 101). 3 Credit Hours.

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance explores the arts and ideas, including philosophies and religions, that infused and created the cultural periods known as the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Western Europe, and the ways in which these arts and ideas represented the visible and/or audible expression of the human condition.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 113. Introduction to Irish Studies. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is a survey of Irish history, literature, and culture from prehistoric times to the present. The role of the arts in the struggle for independence and the outstanding achievements of Irish writers and poets as well as the global importance of the Irish diaspora is emphasized.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 115. Life and Death During the Nazi Era. 3 Credit Hours.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of life in Nazi Germany. Literary, psychological and historical texts on such topics as education, racial prejudice and propaganda are read and interpreted in class. Supplementary slides and documentary films are used.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

HUM 208. Liberal Arts Seminar: Themes in the Liberal Arts. 3 Credit Hours.

The seminar will draw together the main themes of a liberal arts education the consideration of the impact of science, technology and the humanities on societies over time, values and ethics appropriate to a new age, the future consequences of present policies, the enjoyment and importance of both the arts and the sciences. The theme may change semester by semester.
Prerequisite: 32 hours or consent of Liberal Arts coordinator/instructor and Reading Proficiency.