Reading (RDG)

Course Descriptions

RDG 016. Developmental Reading. 2 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to help students expand the range of their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in RDG 017

RDG 017. Developmental Reading Lab. 1 Credit Hour.

This is an individualized course designed to develop reading comprehension and vocabulary. Additional lab hours required.
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in RDG 016

RDG 020. Reading Improvement. 3 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to help students gain greater understanding of written material and to improve reading vocabulary.

RDG 030. Introduction to College Reading. 3 Credit Hours.

Introduction to College Reading is designed to develop college-level reading comprehension, vocabulary, and study skills.
Corequisites: STR 050

RDG 079. Academic Literacy. 3 Credit Hours.

Academic Literacy is a developmental course emphasizing reading in the content areas. This course is designed for students who wish to improve reading skills for success in college-level courses.
Corequisites: ACC 100, ANT 101, ANT 102, ART 100, AUT 158, BIO 109, BIO 111, CHM 101, DIE 100, EE 130, EGR 100, ENG 101, GEG 101, GEO 100, HRT 101, HST 101, HST 102, HST 137, HUM 106, HUM 109, ME 154, MUS 114, MUS 128, PHL 101, PHL 103, PHL 104, PSC 101, PSY 200, SOC 101, or THT 101

RDG 100. College Reading and Study Skills. 3 Credit Hours.

This is an advanced course emphasizing reading in the content areas. The major focus is on study techniques applicable to transfer level courses.
Prerequisites: Reading Proficiency