Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)

EMT 119. EMT Emergency Medical Skills. 1 Credit Hour.

EMT Emergency Medical Skills provides the student with hands-on instruction in the skills necessary to function as an EMT, such as patient assessment, airway maintenance, CPR, and stabilization of injuries. Additional hours required.
Prerequisites: Reading Proficiency
Corequisites: EMT 121

EMT 121. Emergency Care, Principles, and Techniques. 9 Credit Hours.

Emergency Care, Principles, and Techniques is a course that meets all the current requirements for Missouri State EMT-Basic licensure. It includes the assessment and care of the sick and injured, pediatric and geriatric emergencies, childbirth, defibrillation, lifting and moving of patients, hazardous material situations and the use of adjunctive EMS equipment.
Prerequisites: American Heart Association Basic Life Support Provider CPR and Reading Proficiency
Corequisites: EMT 119

EMT 122. EMT Internship. 6 Credit Hours.

This course is designed to give students hands-on experience with foundational skills and introduce paramedic topics related to medical terminology, paramedic procedures, and situations encountered in ambulance field work. The course includes 100 hours of EMT practicum in an assigned pre-hospital setting. Additional hours required.
Prerequisites: EMT 121 and Reading Proficiency