Geography (GEG)

Course Descriptions

GEG 101. Regional Geography (MOTR GEOG 101). 3 Credit Hours.

Regional Geography surveys various world regions, their major countries, and the physical, cultural, economic, and political roles of these countries within the global family of nations. This course introduces the discipline of geography and promotes an understanding of the world, its different people, places, and regions. The course examines technological innovations, the spread of political/economic ideologies, and contemporary global problems.
Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in RDG 079 or Reading Proficiency
Core42: MOTR Transfer Guaranteed

GEG 103. Physical Geography (MOTR GEOG 100). 3 Credit Hours.

Physical Geography introduces the characteristics of the Earth's surface and the interaction of processes that produce a world pattern of distinctive environments significant to humanity. Topics include Earth surface processes and the development of landforms and landscapes, weather and climate, soils and vegetation, and their global distribution.
Prerequisites: Reading Proficiency
Core42: MOTR Transfer Guaranteed