Biomedical Engineering Tech (BE)

BE 153. Workplace Learning: Biomedical Electronics Technology. 4-6 Credit Hours.

Workplace Learning: Biomedical Electronics Technology provides the student the opportunity to apply theory and skills learned in the classroom, learn new skills, and explore career possibilities while supervised by a professional in the field and a faculty member. Students will observe and participate in the functions of the industry to enhance their preparation for entering the field. Minimum 50 hours per credit hour in the workplace throughout the term.
Prerequisites: BE 254 and Reading Proficiency

BE 254. Biomedical Applications. 5 Credit Hours.

Biomedical Applications develops competencies, including maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, with such basic hospital equipment as transducers, amplifiers, processors, display modules, and respiratory and radiography instruments.
Prerequisites: EE 132 and Reading Proficiency