Building Inspection Technology (BIC)

BIC 103. Building Codes and Ordinances. 3 Credit Hours.

This course offers a detailed study of national, state, and local ordinances geared to public safety, land use controls, and building codes. It will include a detailed summary of use philosophy and development of the latest edition of BOCA Building Codes.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

BIC 104. Housing Inspection Problems. 3 Credit Hours.

Housing evaluation skills as taught in this course shall cover space requirements, sanitation requirements, comfort requirements, electrical requirements, maintenance standards, and environmental needs. The course should prepare persons for the task of evaluating existing residential housing. This preparation shall consist of teaching 1) requisite skills in detecting deficiencies; 2) know-how in correcting deficiencies; 3) systematic procedures for documentation and control of housing inspections.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

BIC 200. Plumbing and Mechanical Inspection. 4 Credit Hours.

An introduction to the theory of residential and commercial, industrial and institutional details of plumbing systems, safety principles, heating, cooling and ventilation, layouts and code inspection problems.
Prerequisites: MTH 124, PSI 101 and Reading Proficiency.

BIC 201. Electrical Inspection. 2 Credit Hours.

Electrical inspection of buildings, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial, based on the National Electrical Code, including electrical wiring procedures and layouts.
Prerequisites: MTH 124, PSI 101 and Reading Proficiency.

BIC 202. Administration of Building Regulations. 3 Credit Hours.

This course offers an introduction to the effective administration of building and zoning regulations. Particular attention will be given to the major methods and procedures for the enforcement of building codes and ordinances. Procedures for the building department operations will also be discussed.
Prerequisites: BIC 101, BIC 103 and Reading Proficiency.

BIC 203. Plan Review I (Non-Structural). 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides the student with an understanding of building plans for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building as related to the requirements of various codes and the zoning ordinances. Solutions to problems will be taught through the study of specific situations, employing an authentic set of plans. The student is taught to identify the problems on the plan and then to solve them by correct application of plan review.
Prerequisites: FIR 210, BIC 103 and Reading Proficiency.

BIC 204. Plan Review II (Structural). 3 Credit Hours.

This course provides the student with an understanding of building plans with emphasis on structural elements of building design. The student will be instructed in review and calculations of loads and sizing of structural elements of a building, including footings, foundations, beams and columns, walls, roofs, and floors.
Prerequisites: BIC 203, ME 243 and Reading Proficiency.