Japanese (JPN)

JPN 101. Modern Japanese I (MOTR LANG 105). 4 Credit Hours.

This course focuses on the construction and practice of fundamental vocabulary, basic sentence structures and social conventions necessary for simple interpersonal communication in Japanese. The emphasis is on the using the Japanese language in everyday situations.
Prerequisite: Reading Proficiency.

JPN 102. Modern Japanese II (MOTR LANG 106). 4 Credit Hours.

This course increases students' vocabulary, grammar, and cultural knowledge necessary to become proficient in Japanese. This course gives students the opportunity to reflect on their own linguistic system and cultural milieu and acquaints them with a different approach to communication and with a different view of the world. The knowledge gained in this course establishes the foundation for further inquiry into the Japanese language, which can happen both in and out of the classroom.
Prerequisites: JPN 101 and Reading Proficiency.