STLCC College Policies

Below are important STLCC College policies of which you must be aware. Please go to Consumer Information ( for additional information.

Withdrawal Policy

To formally withdraw, students must submit official forms to the Admissions/Registration office. The class will be shown on the transcript with a grade of W, and students are not eligible for a refund of fees. It is always the student’s responsibility to initiate a withdrawal.  Please speak with your instructor before withdrawing. 

For additional information on attendance and withdrawal, please visit the Registrar’s web page

Diversity & Inclusion, Non-Discrimination Statement

St. Louis Community College is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities in its admissions, educational programs, activities and employment regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, genetic information, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran and shall take action necessary to ensure non-discrimination.

The College maintains a complaint procedure for the purpose of investigating and providing prompt and equitable remedy.

Student inquiries concerning discrimination or harassment, and the procedure for complaints of discrimination or harassment may be made to: Mary Zabriskie, Districtwide Director, Equity Compliance/Title IX Coordinator, 314-539-5345,

Disability Resources and Access Office Information

STLCC is committed to providing all students equal access to learning opportunities. 

Access Office staff, available on each campus, work with students who have disabilities to provide and/or arrange academic accommodations. Students who have, or think they may have, a disability are encouraged to contact the campus Access Office:

Students with academic accommodations are responsible for providing their professors with Instructor Memos and should do so early in the course. For more information, see Access services (

Title IX

Discrimination includes any form of unequal treatment on the basis of sex, sexual orientation or gender expression such as denial of opportunities, harassment, and violence. Sex based violence includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking.  If you experience discrimination in any of these forms, you are encouraged to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, or campus-based Title IX contacts.  To learn more, including information on campus and community resources, go to the Title IX page on the College website.