Robotics and Automation, Certificate of Specialization

Florissant Valley

This program focuses on robotics and automation techniques within the workplace.  Students take courses which emphasize the use of equipment.  The program provides a mix of theory and hands on training. Persons interested in this program should be mechanically inclined, and logic oriented self-starters. Flexible and creative thinking are assets in this field.  Graduates are qualified for a variety of technical positions within the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, chemical, electrical, petroleum and food processing industries that utilize robotics and automation processes.

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At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. use variable and comparator operations in PLC and Robotics programs.
  2. write and execute a pick and place routine for a robotic manipulator.
  3. integrate pieces of robotics and automation equipment into a system.
  4. discuss the major brands and components of PLCs.
  5. discuss the major brands and components of robotic manipulators.
  6. design basic fixturing for automation components.
ME 140Introduction to Robotics3
or ME 121 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ME 210Robotics Subsystems and Components3
ME 211Programmable Logic Controllers3
or EE 236 PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
ME 237Programmable Logic Controllers II3
ME 230Introduction to 3-D Solid Modeling for Design4
Total Credit Hours16
New PlanGrids
First Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
ME 140 Introduction to Robotics
or Computer Integrated Manufacturing
3Reading Proficiency.ME 140 only offered every 2 years
ME 211 Programmable Logic Controllers
or PLC/Programmable Logic Controller
3ME 140 recommended and Reading Proficiency.These courses are offered interchangeably
ME 230 Introduction to 3-D Solid Modeling for Design4Department approval and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours10
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
ME 210 Robotics Subsystems and Components3ME 140, EE 242 or department approval and Reading Proficiency.Offered every 2 years
ME 237 Programmable Logic Controllers II3EE 236 or ME 211 both with minimum grades of "B" or department approval. Reading Proficiency.Apply for graduation
Credit Hours6
Total Credit Hours16

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