Office Information Systems, Associate in Applied Science

Florissant Valley

This program is designed to prepare students to be proficient in the use of office technology including current computer hardware, operating and application software, and traditional as well as state-of-the-art office equipment such as digital devices. Students in this program will become proficient at using computer business applications and current office technologies. In addition to learning to use these skills in the workplace, they will learn to supervise and train others in their use. The courses provide students with both the theoretical and practical knowledge required to perform as productive office professionals.

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Program of Study

Career General Education
ENG 101College Composition I3
COM 101Oral Communication I3
XXX xxxNatural Science/Mathematics Elective3
BUS 103Business Mathematics3
XXX xxxMissouri State Requirement3
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
Physical Education Activity
Select 2 credit hours2
Program Requirements
ACC 100Applied Accounting3
BUS 104Introduction to Business Administration3
MGT 101Introduction to Supervision3
IS 102Keyboarding and Formatting3
IS 122Windows3
IS 136Internet Fundamentals1
IS 116Computer Literacy3
IS 109Proofreading and Editing1
IS 151Computer Applications in Business4
IS 154Web-Based Productivity Applications2
IS 139Web Publishing3
IS 152Computer Applications in Business-Intermediate3
IS 165Computer Applications-Microsoft Project1
IS 200Electronic Records Management2
IS 209Computer Applications - Advanced3
IS 210Office Technology and Procedures3
IS 291Workplace Learning: Information Systems3
Total Credit Hours64
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
IS 102 Keyboarding and Formatting 3
IS 116 Computer Literacy 3
IS 122 Windows 3
ENG 101 College Composition I 3
BUS 104 Introduction to Business Administration 3
XXX xxx Physical Education Elective1
 Credit Hours16
IS 136 Internet Fundamentals 1
IS 151 Computer Applications in Business 4
IS 139 Web Publishing 3
IS 165 Computer Applications-Microsoft Project 1
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
MGT 101 Introduction to Supervision 3
XXX xxx Physical Education Elective1
 Credit Hours16
Second Year
IS 109 Proofreading and Editing 1
IS 152 Computer Applications in Business-Intermediate 3
ACC 100 Applied Accounting 3
BUS 103 Business Mathematics 3
XXX xxx Life and Physical Sciences Elective3
XXX xxx Missouri State Requirement3
 Credit Hours16
COM 101 Oral Communication I 3
IS 154 Web-Based Productivity Applications 2
IS 200 Electronic Records Management 2
IS 209 Computer Applications - Advanced 3
IS 210 Office Technology and Procedures 3
IS 291 Workplace Learning: Information Systems 3
 Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours64