Health Information Technology, Associate in Applied Science

Forest Park

The Health Information Technology program provides students with the technical skills and knowledge required to provide reliable and valid information essential to the healthcare industry. Graduates are specialists working with health information systems, managing medical records, and coding information for reimbursement and research. Health information technology professionals work throughout the healthcare industry in a variety of settings. Common job titles include HIM supervisor, clinical coder, coding manager, clinical data collection and reporting specialist, cancer registrar, data integrity specialist, and reimbursement specialist. This program prepares health information technicians to support health information management in an electronic environment (e-HIM) and adheres to the American Health Information Management Association’s Framework for Health Information Management (HIM) education. This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for  Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

A background check and drug screen test are required for all healthcare professions. Students will be required to complete both the background check and drug screen test prior to enrollment in HIT:102. See Health Information Technology Handbook for additional information.

Students are required to complete the Foundation Courses prior to moving forward to the Area of Concentration courses for the Health Information Technology Program.

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Program of Study

Career General Education
ENG 101College Composition I3
COM 101Oral Communication I3
MTH 160College Algebra4
BIO 207
BIO 208
Anatomy and Physiology I
and Anatomy and Physiology II
XXX xxxSocial Science Elective3
XXX xxxMissouri State Requirement3
Physical Education Activity
Select 2 credit hours2
Foundation Courses
HIT 101Medical Terminology4
HIT 104Basic Principles of Disease2
HIT 105Pharmacology for Health Information Technology Professionals1
IS 116Computer Literacy3
Area of Concentration
HIT 102Health Information Management Technology4
HIT 103Healthcare Delivery Systems2
HIT 106Diagnosis Coding Systems I3
HIT 107Procedure Coding Systems I3
HIT 110Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues3
HIT 201Healthcare Reimbursement3
HIT 210Professional Practice Experience2
HIT 211Electronic Health Systems3
HIT 213Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare3
HIT 214Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics3
HIT 291Workplace Learning: Health Information Technology2
IS 136Internet Fundamentals1
IS 151Computer Applications in Business4
Total Credit Hours72
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
BIO 207 Anatomy and Physiology I 4
IS 116 Computer Literacy 3
HIT 101 Medical Terminology 4
 Credit Hours11
BIO 208 Anatomy and Physiology II 4
HIT 104 Basic Principles of Disease 2
HIT 105 Pharmacology for Health Information Technology Professionals 1
HIT 102 Health Information Management Technology 4
IS 151 Computer Applications in Business 4
 Credit Hours15
HIT 106 Diagnosis Coding Systems I 3
HIT 107 Procedure Coding Systems I 3
IS 136 Internet Fundamentals 1
 Credit Hours7
Second Year
HIT 103 Healthcare Delivery Systems 2
HIT 110 Healthcare Legal and Ethical Issues 3
HIT 213 Quality and Performance Improvement in Healthcare 3
COM 101 Oral Communication I 3
MTH 160 College Algebra 4
 Credit Hours15
HIT 201 Healthcare Reimbursement 3
HIT 211 Electronic Health Systems 3
HIT 214 Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics 3
ENG 101 College Composition I 3
XXX xxx Social and Behavioral Science Elective3
 Credit Hours15
HIT 210 Professional Practice Experience 2
HIT 291 Workplace Learning: Health Information Technology 2
XXX xxx Missouri State Requirement3
XXX xxx Physical Education Elective2
 Credit Hours9
 Total Credit Hours72