Digital Media--Interactive and Graphic Design, Certificate of Specialization


This program is a 23-credit-hour program designed to develop and enhance the workplace skills of professionals currently working in the various fields of interactive, design, and online development as well as for students intending to enter those fields. The program focuses on visual communication and dynamic design while utilizing the most current hardware and software for construction and implementation in online, print, and interactive media.

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At the completion of the program, students are expected to:

  1. utilize the technical skills, creative abilities, and professional practices required in the areas of Interactive and Graphic Design.
  2. understand and employ classic design principles; such as scale, proportion, rhythm, contrast, emphasis and unity.
  3. identify media project scope and outcomes and be able to review and analyze technical requirements.
  4. be conversant in the language and terms of the industry.
  5. be skilled in the current computer-based software and hardware tools of the industry.
  6. communicate ideas both visually and verbally through professional presentation of a portfolio of Interactive and Graphic Design works and evaluated by outside experts.
ART 131Computer Art Studio3
ART 107Design I2
ART 133Graphic Design I3
AT 100Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting: Macintosh/Windows1
AT 135Web Design I3
AT 246Advanced Computer Art Applications3
ART 134Graphic Design II3
AT 143Web Design II3
or AT 106 Motion Media Design
AT 283Digital Media Portfolio2
Total Credit Hours23
New PlanGrids
First Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
ART 131 Computer Art Studio3Reading Proficiency.It is recommended that ART 131 be taken at the same time as ART 133
ART 107 Design I2Reading Proficiency.
ART 133 Graphic Design I3Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours8
Spring Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
AT 100 Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting: Macintosh/Windows1Reading Proficiency.
ART 134 Graphic Design II3ART 107, ART 131 and ART 133 all with minimum grades of "C" and Reading Proficiency.
AT 135 Web Design I3ART 131 and ART 133 with minimum grades of "C" and Reading Proficiency.
Credit Hours7
Second Year
Fall Credit Hours Prerequisites Milestones/Notes
AT 246 Advanced Computer Art Applications3ART 131 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.Apply for graduation
AT 143 Web Design II
or Motion Media Design
3 AT 135 with a minimum grade of "C" and Reading Proficiency.
AT 283 Digital Media Portfolio2ART 131 and Reading Proficiency.This capstone course must be taken in the final semester of study / See program coordinator before scheduling this class
Credit Hours8
Total Credit Hours23

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