Digital Media--Digital Photography, Certificate of Specialization

Florissant Valley, Forest Park, and Meramec

This program is a 21-credit-hour program designed to develop and enhance the workplace skills of professionals currently working in the various fields of commercial photography, digital imaging, and photographic technology as well as for students intending to enter those fields. Study includes the use of current computers, scanners, digital cameras, printers, and related hardware and software in a creative context. Instruction emphasizes ways in which traditional photographic visualization and processing can be cultivated and enhanced with advanced computer technology and software while providing students with expertise in the new tools for creating and editing still and moving images. 

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ART 131Computer Art Studio3
ART 165Photography I3
ART 172Digital Photography3
ART 275Photo Imaging I: Photoshop3
AT 100Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting: Macintosh/Windows1
AT 105Digital Printing3
ART 265Artificial Light Photography3
or AT 106 Motion Media Design
AT 283Digital Media Portfolio2
Total Credit Hours21
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
ART 131 Computer Art Studio 3
AT 100 Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting: Macintosh/Windows 1
ART 165 Photography I 3
 Credit Hours7
ART 172 Digital Photography 3
ART 275 Photo Imaging I: Photoshop 3
AT 105 Digital Printing 3
 Credit Hours9
Second Year
AT 106
Motion Media Design
or Artificial Light Photography
AT 283 Digital Media Portfolio 2
 Credit Hours5
 Total Credit Hours21