Dental Assisting, Certificate of Proficiency

Forest Park

This program prepares students to work as members of the dental health care team. Students receive a broad background in all aspects of dentistry through extensive classroom, laboratory and clinical instruction. Major emphasis is placed on gaining proficiency in chairside assisting procedures and expanded functions. Students learn to prepare patients and records for treatment, sterilize and prepare instrument trays, take X-rays and impressions, and prepare restorative materials for dental procedures.

The Missouri Dental Board has approved 19 expanded functions for dental assistants who meet specific certification and training criteria. Competency in one or more expanded functions enlarges the skill mix of the assistant, increases the responsibilities of the assistant and enhances the value of the assistant to the dental health care team. The program will incorporate expanded functions training into the curriculum. Graduates will be certified to perform these functions and can assume expanded roles on the dental health care team as delegated by their employer. These highly skilled professionals will be in great demand.

Persons interested in this program should be comfortable working with people of all ages in close one-to-one relationships. They should have manual dexterity and be attentive to detail. This program has many prerequisites based on professional standards. See an advisor for further information.

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COM 101Oral Communication I3
DA 143Chairside Assisting: Operative Dentistry2
DA 144Preclinical Practice1
DA 149Dental Terminology1
DA 150Infection Control in Dentistry1
DA 151Fundamentals of Chairside Assisting2
DA 157Dental Radiology2
DA 159Dental Office Procedures1
DA 161Dental Assisting Practicum2
DA 162Dental Systems Management1
DA 164Clinical Applications I2
DA 165Dental Materials1
DA 166Dental Lab Procedures1
DA 167Dental Radiology II1
DA 168Integrated Dental Sciences2
DA 169Preventive Dental Health2
DA 172Dental Practice Management1
DA 173Chairside Assisting: Dental Specialties2
DA 174Clinical Applications II2
DA 175Dental Assisting Practicum II2
DA 176Dental Assisting Practicum III2
DA 201Expanded Functions I1
DA 202Expanded Functions II1
DA 203Expanded Functions III1
ENG 101College Composition I3
Total Credit Hours40