Aviation Maintenance - Power Plant, Certificate of Proficiency

Gateway STEM High School

This program prepares students for employment in aircraft maintenance and repair. This FAA approved curriculum is offered in cooperation with the St. Louis Public School System and prepares students for both the General and Power Plant licensing exams from the Federal Aviation Administration. Licensed power plant mechanics are employed by airlines, manufacturers, repair stations and general aviation companies.

This program provides instruction and intensive hands-on training and is located at the Gateway STEM High School.

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Technical Area
AVI 101General Mechanics, Drawings and Safety2
AVI 102Basic Electricity for Aviation Technicians2
AVI 103Structural Materials and Corrosion Control2
AVI 104Federal Regulations and Ground Operations2
AVI 105Basic Physics for Aviation2
AVI 106Quantitative Applications2
AVI 131Power Plant Electrical Systems1
AVI 132Ignition and Starting Systems2
AVI 133Airflow, Exhaust, Lubrication and Engine Instruments3
AVI 134Reciprocating Engines4
AVI 135Propeller Systems3
AVI 136Power Plant Fuel and Fire Protection Systems3
AVI 137Turbine Engines4
AVI 138Power Plant Inspections1
Entrance Requirements
A minimum score on the math placement test or successful completion of MTH 030 (or higher) with a C or better. Students are required to submit to a background check prior to admission.
Total Credit Hours33
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallCredit Hours
AVI 101 General Mechanics, Drawings and Safety 2
AVI 102 Basic Electricity for Aviation Technicians 2
AVI 104 Federal Regulations and Ground Operations 2
AVI 106 Quantitative Applications 2
 Credit Hours8
AVI 103 Structural Materials and Corrosion Control 2
AVI 105 Basic Physics for Aviation 2
 Credit Hours4
Second Year
AVI 131 Power Plant Electrical Systems 1
AVI 132 Ignition and Starting Systems 2
AVI 133 Airflow, Exhaust, Lubrication and Engine Instruments 3
AVI 134 Reciprocating Engines 4
 Credit Hours10
AVI 135 Propeller Systems 3
AVI 136 Power Plant Fuel and Fire Protection Systems 3
AVI 137 Turbine Engines 4
AVI 138 Power Plant Inspections 1
 Credit Hours11
 Total Credit Hours33