Respiratory Therapy (RTH)

RTH 225. Pulmonary Function Testing. 3 Credit Hours.

The theory application and equipment for the purpose of diagnosing respiratory pathologies through the measurement of lung gas volumes, capacities, and flows. Includes evaluation through stress (exercise) testing and pulmonary rehabilitation. Additional lab hours required.
Prerequisites: RTH 220, RTH 222 and Reading Proficiency

RTH 228. N.B.R.C. Review. 2 Credit Hours.

A comprehensive review of the major components of respiratory care as they apply to the N.B.R.C. matrix for the entry-level and advanced practitioner exams. Including testing methodologies, strategies, evaluations, and simulated testing experiences; extensive simulated testing for entry-level, written and clinical simulations.
Prerequisites: Admission to program and Reading Proficiency

RTH 245. Respiratory Care Clinical IV. 2 Credit Hours.

Application of respiratory care principles in the hospital setting. Additional hours required.
Prerequisites: RTH 220, RTH 221, RTH 222, RTH 223, RTH 240 and Reading Proficiency