Physical Education (PED)

PED 116. Pilates. 1 Credit Hour.

Pilates, a form of physical conditioning for all fitness levels, is introduced as well as an introduction to the history of Pilates and basic concepts of alignment, centering, breathing, stabilization, and balance. Active participation is required for non-impact floor exercises using specialized equipment to develop muscle strength, flexibility, posture, and inner awareness.

PED 140. Beginning Rock Climbing. 1 Credit Hour.

This course provides students with the necessary information and skills required to rock climb indoors safely and effectively. Students will gain knowledge in climbing equipment and its proper usage, climbing terminology, warm-up and stretching exercises, basic climbing techniques and mental and physical training specifically for climbing. Additional fees apply. Additional hours required.

PED 201. Psychological Perspective in Exercise and Sport. 3 Credit Hours.

Sport and exercise psychology is the scientific study of people and behaviors in sport and exercise activities and the practical application of that knowledge. This course focuses on two areas of study: (1) learning how psychological factors affect an individual's physical performance and (2) understanding how participation in sport and exercise affects a person's psychological development, health, and well-being.
Prerequisites: PSY 200 and Reading Proficiency.